STP 120 Spin Tissue Processor

STP 120 Spin Tissue Processor

Process biological specimens from chemical fixation to paraffin infiltration with the Thermo Scientific™ STP 120 Spin Tissue Processor. A compact, benchtop carousel tissue processor, its unique design uses programmable gentle centrifugal force to augment normal vertical agitation process associated with carousel processors.


Electrical Requirements – 100-240V 50/60Hz

Type – 100-240V/ 50/60Hz

Recommended Applications – Healthcare

Basket Capacity – 120 or 240 cassettes

Reagent Capacity – 1.8L

Height – (English)19.6 to 27.5 in./(Metric)50 to 70cm

Weight – (English)154 lb./(Metric)70kg

Includes – Basic instrument, instruction manual, and ten reagent vessels and two paraffin baths for single basket operation (120-cassette capacity) or nine reagent vessels and three paraffin baths for double basket operation (240-cassette capacity)

Description – Includes ventilation system, Two paraffin baths, One processing basket

Diameter –  (English)  33.5 in./(Metric)85cm

Item Description – w/ 2 Paraffin Baths, 1 Processing Basket

Cat.No. 813150

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