HM525 NX Cryostat

HM525 NX Cryostat

Deliver high quality routine results comfortably and efficiently with the Thermo Scientific™ HM525 NX Cryostat, a high performance routine cryostat with intuitive software and touchscreen for simple, efficient operation. The HM525 NX Cryostat combines the proven operation and reliability of the HM525 cryostat and the new ergonomics and intuitive interface of the Thermo Scientific NX series cryostats.

Key features

Ergonomic/Safety features

    Mechanical handwheel lock

    Optional UV disinfection

    Automatic specimen retraction on return stroke

    Touch screen operation with intuitive software to accommodate multiple users

Cryochamber features

    Chamber cooling to -35°C

    27 cryobar storage positions including 4 quick freeze locations

    Integrated peltier fast freezing device rapidly cools to -57°C ± 3°C

    Programmable and immediate defrost options

Microtome features

    Manual light touch rotary flywheel

    Section thickness from 1µm to 500µm

    Memory function for rapid advance and specimen positioning

    Vertical stroke length of 60mm28mm horizontal feed range

    40μm specimen retraction on return stroke

    XY specimen orientation with 360° z axis rotation

Includes: Six specimen stages (30mm), freezing medium (118ml), cryostat oil (118ml), section waste tray, debris brush, sectioning brush, tools and operator guide.

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