High-quality optimized Invitrogen ELISA kits allow you to measure target-specific proteins with confidence, reliability, and consistency. A variety of ELISA kit formats are available which include complete, ready-to-use kits as well as preoptimized reagents to design your own. ELISA kits and antibody pairs are available for a range of different species including human, mouse, rat, nonhuman primate, canine, porcine, bovine, equine, and feline. In addition to the off-the-shelf ELISA formats, special services such as: lot reservation, bulk packaging and custom target development are available for flexibility and convenience as you start your next research project. Search all the kits available with the search bar above.

ELISA kits available for specific research areas

Immune monitoring

Find ELISA kits that detect a broad range of secreted, circulating cytokines, chemokines, and growth factors for immunology and inflammation research.


Immuno-Oncology Invitrogen ELISA kits allow the research of soluble immune checkpoint molecules and help to provide a comprehensive picture of cancer immunity.


Invitrogen offers high-quality ELISA kits for studying neurological disorders or neuroscience-related protein targets.


Phosphorylation-specific Invitrogen ELISA kits are designed for studying intracellular proteins involved in signaling pathways.


Immunoglobulin-specific and isotyping Invitrogen ELISA kits provide a convenient method to identify and quantify antibody classes, subclasses, and isotypes.

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