A perfect combination of the best image resolution and the highest analytical efficiency

The Themis S TEM is an 80-200 kV scanning/transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) designed for
high-speed imaging and analysis of semiconductor devices.

High tension range80-200 keV
Electron sourceX-FEG
TEM information limit0.11 nm
Probe corrector optionNoYes
STEM resolution at 200kV (nm)0.1640.083
STEM resolution at 80kV (nm)0.310.136
EDS collection angle
(shadowing removed)
1.8 srd
STEM detectorsHAADF/BF/DF2/DF4
CameraCeta 4k × 4k CMOS

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Talos-L120C Materials-Science TEM

Talos L120C for Materials Science

The new high-contrast, 120 kV, multi-discipline TEM

As the successor to the Tecnai Spirit, the Talos L120C TEM is the newest 120kV transmission and scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) for highcontrast, high-resolution imaging and analysis in Materials Science applications.

Key Specifications
TEM line resolution (nm) axial / untilted illumination≤ 0.204
TEM magnification range25 – 650k×
TEM magnification range with camera image enhancement35 – 910k×
Diffraction mode camera length range [m]0.0205–8.1
Maximum full convergence angle for LACBED [mrad]≥ 200
Alpha tilt angle (with standard holders)-90° to +90°
STEM HAADF resolution with LaB6 (nm)≤ 1.0 nm
STEM magnification range200 – 2.2M×
EDSSide-entry, retractable
Must be retracted for cryo work
Cryo-boxSide-entry, motorized auto retractable
Must be retracted for EDS work

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Talos-L120C Materials-Science TEM​

TalosF200S (TEM)

Talos F200S

Highest performance imaging and precise compositional analysis for dynamic microscopy

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TalosF200S (TEM)


The most complete SEM for multi-use laboratories requiring all-round performance and ease-of-use

The Prisma E SEM offers all-roundperformance in imaging and analytics, a unique environmental mode (ESEM), and a full range of accessories that make it the most complete tungsten SEM available.

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Prisma E SEM