Protein Quantitation Guide

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Our ELISA kits have been referenced in over 3,000 publications and our multiplex assays cited in over 1,000 publications.
We offer a wide range of immunodetection-based products—in convenient, ready-to-use formats for sensitive, specific detection of intracellular or extracellular proteins. We have developed antibody pair kits, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kits for single-analyte analysis, and multiplex assays for multi-analyte analysis. Our kits undergo a rigorous validation process for criteria such as sensitivity, specificity, precision, and lot-to-lot consistency, helping to enable dependably accurate results. You can use our Invitrogen™ and Thermo Scientific™ immunoassays to investigate any of these popular specific areas and more:

Table 4. Specifications for kit development.

Benchmarking to ELISACorrelates with ELISA data
RecoveryTested on serum and plasma
Sensitivity*Physiologically relevant levels, <10 pg/mL (based on detectable signal >2 SD above background)
PrecisionInter-assay CV: (between assays)
Intra-assay CV: (within assays
SpecificityCross-reactivity tests are performed with other analytes and antibodies
Linearity of dilutionHigh coefficient of correlation between sample dilutions and expected concentration over the range
of the assay
Parallelism to natural samplesRecombinant standards are compared to natural samples to ensure equivalency
*Every kit has its own specifications. Please consult the protocol insert in your specific Invitrogen multiplex kit.

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Protein Quantitation Guide