Arcos™ Tissue Block Management System

Arcos™ Tissue Block Management System

Thermo Scientific™ Arcos™ block management system is designed to help improve sample traceability and save laboratories’ time and resources throughout the sorting, archiving, retrieval and re-archiving processes.

In just minutes, the Arcos system scans hundreds of blocks and records their exact location — from the position in the tray to the final storage point in a laboratory’s archive. The system is designed to help reduce the risk of losing blocks, improve operational efficiency and expand workflow capacity for both short and long-term archiving.

The Arcos system includes:



    Label printer


Key features

  • Compact design—fits on every benchtop
  • Cloud-enabled—conveniently access your instrument anytime, anywhere with Thermo Fisher Connect
  • Option to upgrade—get VeriFlex™ temperature control technology for PCR optimization when you move up to the Applied Biosystems™ MiniAmp™ Plus Thermal Cycler